ALCHEMISTAS - Beyond the Veil

A treasure-house of beauty, insight and inspiration for all those who wish to refuel their spirits!

KnowWonder Entertainment is pleased to announce
its collaboration with Darren Minke on an exciting new media project titled:

ALCHEMISTAS - Beyond the Veil

an unforgettable composite of sensory pleasure
designed to nourish deeper levels of our human perception!



The ALCHEMISTAS PROJECT consists of two products; first, a coffee-table book of breath-taking color and quality... and second, the ALCHEMISTAS DVD Virtual Art Gallery: an unprecedented collection of awe-inspiring Visionary Art, set to a compelling soundtrack and thought-provoking narrative.

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This campaign is to raise funding for both the ALCHEMISTAS DVD as well as the initial development (licensing, layout & design) of the ALCHEMISTAS coffee-table book.


The ALCHEMISTAS skillfully-crafted animated art DVD invites us into a new dimension of audio-visual experience! Through the synergistic combination of powerful narratives, captivating music and stunning visual imagery, designed for continuous display on your television or computer screen, the ALCHEMISTAS mystical odyssey can be viewed and enjoyed many times over!


"ALL of us, as artists and dreamers,
play a more important role in changing the world than we might realize!"

Each one of us is, naturally, an alchemist... here to reconstruct reality by incorporating dreams in a holographic process which manifests destiny throughout a wondrous continuum of change called 'TIME'.

On this momentous journey of Self-remembrance, we have always been the architects of reality. As we cultivate visionary imagination, through which to evolve... we, ultimately, become the lawgivers of our destiny: conscious, sublimely skilled, Self-realized Creators!

At a time when our minds have become so conditioned and our brains so hard-wired, we must to learn to shift our perception in order to solve our problems and re-create our lives! More than ever before, it is important to provide ways to facilitate that shift, so as to expedite the change neccessary to ACTUALLY REALIZE our greater human potential, and therefore alter the course of our collective destiny.

Beyond dogmatic ways of thinking and profound philosophies that have been reduced to rote banter, there exists the phenomenal WONDERS of our 'reality', that we often take for granted, and therefore cease to see, experience and enjoy!

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“We now have the privilege and pleasure of discovering artists
from diverse cultures around the world
who are each producing magic that leaves a lasting impression…
fusing us all at the level of the heart.”

There is an emerging culture of gifted, visionary artists that are giving expression to a new genre of art. In addition to the traditional artist’s mediums and tools (paint, pastels, pen & ink...brush, hammer & chisel), technology is providing an unlimited palette from which these artists can draw.

The ALCHEMISTAS PROJECT brings together an impressive set of visual splendor from many of these artists, including such notables as Android Jones, Rassouli, Mark Henson, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Adam Scott Miller, Luke Brown, Darren Minke, Chris Dyer, Xavi, Autumn Skye, Michael Pukac, Michael Divine, Geoglyphiks, Cameron Gray, Krystleyez, Mark Lee, Raul Casillas and Angela Russell.


By incorporating musical influences from many diverse cultures of the world, then adding live instruments --violins, drums, saxophone-- to the already unlimited spectrum of music and sounds made possible by today’s technology, these young producer-composers are bringing electronic music to a whole new level!

The ALCHEMISTAS DVD features music by Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, The Human Experience, Guda and more!

THE NARRATIVES (optional playback): Changing Humanity's Imagination of Itself!

‘In each of us, there is the voice of advocacy and there is the voice of inspiration.
That we are all intertwined and interconnected…
that the uplifting of one person is the uplifting of all persons’

Matching the depth and beauty of the art... ALCHEMISTAS' profoundly poignant narratives have a universal appeal that transcends race, religion or political persuasion... offering wisdom that is utterly enriching and empowering. When such concepts are embraced and experienced, the adventure of life is exhilarated, healing occurs, and the natural enchantment of living is restored.

KnowWonder Entertainment’s founder, Angela Russell,
is both Creative Director and Writer for the ALCHEMISTAS DVD and book. 

EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS WAS ONCE IMAGINED! When we awaken from the state of conditioned hypnosis which has led us into constricted thinking and limiting belief patterns.... we naturally discover abilities that have been lying dormant, and open to potentials that may have never before seemed possible.

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BEYOND The VEIL - What Does It Mean?

There are certain fundamental questions in life that seem to go unanswered...
or whose answers don’t seem to be easily understood.

Questions like...
Who am I? What is reality? What is truth? What is life?
Where was I before I was born into this physical ‘reality’?
How does everything exist? How is infinity and eternity possible?
What are the true depths and heights that each of us can aspire to?
What is my/our greatest most profound destiny?

What are the real answers to these basic questions...and why are they not commonly taught, and then easily depth, and with utter clarity?

Is it because we’re really not interested in knowing...,
or because we’re so busy surviving that we simply don’t have the time?
Is it because we are afraid of the answers...,
because we’re incapable of understanding...or perhaps, because we just don’t care?

Why do such simple inquiries seem to defy human understanding...
and the answers remain such an enigma...
and why are these basic, fundamental questions so perplexing
that most attempts to answer them only serve to cause philosophical controversy and confusion?

Perhaps, is it because the answers lie beyond words and definitions...
beyond the veil of physicality and the thinking mind...
where vast unknown and unseen forces give credence to everything that exists
in every dimension throughout eternity.

Perhaps, what lies beyond the veil, can only be imagined...

By opening our minds to the presence of beauty within ALL Life;
by infusing every individual with a renewed awareness of the multitude of wonders
that have so long been taken for granted,
a new romance with life begins... and life on Earth is transformed.


By EXPERIENCING more than what we are conditioned to perceive, we learn to SEE DIFFERENTLY, and THINK DIFFERENTLY. Today's animated technology enables us to journey into a picture or painting, and become accustomed to seeing beyond its surface.

On the ALCHEMISTAS DVD, there will be 2 specially edited versions for playback; In one, the art will change slowly... beautifully affecting the ambiance in your home or office... providing a contemplative background for creative activities and/or spiritual practice, or for your private viewing pleasure.

The second version changes at a faster pace, with a more upbeat soundtrack... great for small parties or large gatherings... or for just working out.

Now, you can enjoy the beauty of these magnificent works of art in an ever-changing format that brings them to life on your flat-screen TV, computer screen or digital frame.

If you are a 'Baby Boomer' or 'Tribal Elder'... please watch this!

As we evolve ourselves to these new and rather extraordinary levels of understanding,
we have begun the process of reconsidering, re-perceiving, real-izing ALL that we are!

A collaborative effort, sparked between founder of KnowWonder Entertainment, Angela Russell, and traveling artist Darren Minke, over a conversation at the 2012 'What The Festival' event in Oregon, has grown into a team of dedicated professionals and loyal contributors that are joining to support the production of the ALCHEMISTAS mind-expanding, heart-opening, soul-enriching, life- enhancing products!

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